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Mediation (formerly known in Michigan as facilitation) allows for a settlement to be reached by the parties to a dispute as a result of an open dialogue taking place between the opposite sides using a trained mediator to facilitate a voluntarily agreed upon resolution. For this reason, the choice of a mediator is extremely important. In order for the process to work, the parties and their counsel have to not only be comfortable with the mediator’s particular style, but they must also have confidence in the mediator’s ability to remain neutral throughout the proceedings while discussions of the various issues presented takes place.

As a result of his extensive experience over the years in conducting mediations and serving as a neutral arbitrator, Martin G. Waldman has earned an excellent reputation, with both the plaintiff and defense bars, for being thoroughly prepared and in putting forth his best efforts in working with the parties, and their attorneys, to put into place a settlement which is fair and equitable to everyone involved in the dispute. Additionally, Martin G. Waldman always ensures that mediation hearings are conducted in such a manner that all participants are treated respectfully and provided with an ample opportunity to present their positions, and settlement expectations, without concern that undue influence will be exerted by the mediator. Whether a settlement is reached or not, it is the belief of Martin G. Waldman that it is most important that the parties leave the mediation hearing with an acknowledgment that all issues, and any resulting settlement proposals, were fully discussed, presented and explored during the hearing.

As a result of his prior background in representing first injured parties and then insurance carriers, Martin G. Waldman is in the unique position of being able to see both sides of a claim, to articulate those positions during the negotiation process between the parties and to assist in facilitating a resolution without the need of continued protracted and expensive litigation. Although there are any number of attorneys currently offering their services as a mediator or facilitator, what Martin G. Waldman has to offer, based upon his expertise and reputation, can make a difference in assisting the parties, their legal counsel and any insurance claims representatives, in resolving any disputed issues to the satisfaction of all participants.


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